Financial Aid Checklist


Whether you are starting your undergraduate education at Western or are a returning student seeking financial aid assistance for the first time - this checklist may help you navigate through the many steps and important dates to ensure you receive your financial aid offer.


First Steps

Obtain your FSA ID (Federal Student Aid Identification) at

File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  The FAFSA generally opens each year in October for the following academic year. 

Review our Tips for Completing the FAFSA for information on Western's School code for FAFSA (003802), reporting guidelines and other helpful information.

View your FAFSA Submission Summary at to ensure accuracy of your submitted information.  Contact the Financial Aid Department to discuss any potential data errors or questions about submitted information before submitting a correction.

Financial Aid Offer

If you are eligible for FAFSA verification, you will be provided with instructions and documents to complete and return to Western. Provide your documents promptly as FAFSA verification must be completed before financial aid can be offered.

Check your current aid application status online at Western's Web4U

First time student loan borrowers only!

If you have not borrowed through the Federal Direct Student Loan Program before, complete an electronic Master Promissory Note (MPN). You can complete this before receiving a financial aid offer indicating you are eligible for a federal student loan. You must still accept the amount of loan you wish to borrow in Web4U, the student portal.

First time student loan borrowers only.

First time federal student loan borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling. Entrance counseling is a brief tutorial that ensures that borrowers understand the responsibilities and obligations they are assuming.

For Parents of dependent undergraduate students or Graduate borrowers

Parent borrowers must complete a Parent PLUS Loan application each year for each student for whom they wish to borrow the Parent PLUS Loan. Additional information regarding Federal Parent Loans is also available.

Graduate students who wish to borrow the Graduate PLUS Loan must submit an application subject to a credit check at annually.  

Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS Loan borrowers who are unable to pass the initial credit check and pursue an endorser or appeal their initial credit decision must complete PLUS Credit Counseling for each year they wish to borrow the loan and are unable to pass the initial credit check..

Parent PLUS or Graduate PLUS Loan borrowers must complete the PLUS Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).

Parent PLUS Loan borrowers, you must complete a separate MPN for each student for whom you wish to borrow the PLUS Loan.  This MPN is valid for 10 years.

For borrowers who are unable to pass the initial credit check and pursue an endorser or appeal their initial credit decision, the MPN must be completed annually for each year they wish to borrow the loan.


Report any additional sources of funding, called Other Financial Resources (OFA) to the Financial Aid Office even if you receive the funding directly.

Carefully review the eligibility requirements to ensure you maintain your financial aid eligibility. After you receive aid, you are also responsible for successfully completing all the courses you register for and completing your degree from WWU in a timely manner. 


  • Check your Western Account Online via Web4U to ensure that financial aid is properly disbursed, or to make a payment on your student account. More details are available on the web at the Student Business Office
  • Financial aid will disburse to the Western student account if you are enrolled full-time or at your expected enrollment level or have notified us of less than full time enrollment and all financial aid requirements are satisfied
  • Students are responsible for paying their student account by the posted deadlines regardless of whether they are expecting financial aid

Your student email account is the official means of communications from the Financial Aid Department.

Official Financial Aid Department communication includes important announcements and information about outstanding requirements.


  • Start your scholarship search at the Scholarship Center website
  • Create your profile on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.
  • Be aware of early scholarship application deadlines.
  • Incoming WWU students are automatically considered for most WWU scholarships by submitting their application for admission.
  • Like the real world, campus employers look for students with applicable work experience regardless of whether the student position is a Work Study position or is a regular hourly position.
  • In addition to building a work history for after graduation, earnings from part time student employment can help bridge the gap between financial aid and your cost of attendance.
  • Earnings from work can reduce reliance on student loans and reduce your total loan debt upon graduation.