Processing Deadlines

If your financial aid application has outstanding requirements, your application is subject to cancelation. All required documentation must be submitted by the quarterly deadlines below otherwise your application will be discontinued and any aid reserved for you may be canceled. This applies to students required to appeal for financial aid reinstatement, selected for federal verification, and any other required documentation outstanding.

Quarterly Deadlines

Quarterly deadlines are set based on your first quarter of attendance for the academic year:

  • If enrollment begins Fall quarter: Deadline is November 30
  • If enrollment begins Winter quarter: Deadline is February 28
  • If enrollment begins Spring quarter: Deadline is May 15

In the event that your financial aid application is canceled, we will resume processing your application when the required documentation is received. Reinstatement of financial aid is not guaranteed and is based on availability of funds.

Unsatisfied requirements and messages can be viewed in Web4U at any time. Required forms may be submitted via our secure document uploader, in person, by mail, electronically via email, or fax. Documents must include all required signatures. Forms missing appropriate signatures cannot be processed.

Quarterly Deadlines for Satisfactory Academic Progress Reinstatement are listed on the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy page.