Summer Financial Aid

Summer 2024 Financial Aid Application

Important details and deadlines for summer 2024 are available on the Summer Application page.  Links to session dates and costs are available as well.

The Summer Financial Aid Application is available each spring when registration for summer quarter begins. Additional details will be posted on the summer application information web page while the application is open.

Aid types available during summer quarter include Federal Direct Loan, Pell Grant, WA College Grant, College Bound Scholarship and WA Bridge Grant. 

Students may also use private loans by applying with the lender of their choosing.

IMPORTANT: Be aware that summer tuition is charged on a per-credit basis through O.C.E. Summer tuition and fees are charged per credit and may also include mandatory fees.  Please review the information on the Summer Cost & Payment site for reference.

Annual and Lifetime Aid Limits

The amount of federal student loans available is limited to the annual eligibility remaining from the current school year. Parents of dependent students may wish to pursue the Parent PLUS Loan to assist with summer educational costs. Students must be enrolled half time or more in eligible coursework to be eligible for federal loans.

Students and parents may wish to pursue private educational loans to assist with summer educational costs. Some private educational loans may be available at less than half time enrollment.

Students enrolled in the College Bound Scholarship program and who meet the income eligibility guidelines are eligible to receive up to twelve quarters of College Bound within 5 years of high school graduation.

Washington State residents who meet the annual median family income and household size threshold as set by the Washington Student Achievement Council annually are eligible to receive up to fifteen quarters of WA College Grant in their lifetime. Students must be enrolled in at least 3 required credits of required coursework to be eligible.

To be eligible for summer Pell Grant, students must have a current year FAFSA on file, be Pell Grant eligible based on their Expected Family Contribution (EFC), not exceeded lifetime Pell Grant limits and meet enrollment eligibility requirements as follows.

  • Enroll at least half time in required coursework (6+ credits) (in most cases.)
    • Students who were enrolled full-time (12+ credits) and received the full time Pell Grant amount for fall, winter and spring quarters, must enroll at least half time (6+ credits) in required coursework for summer to be eligible for Pell Grant.
    • Students enrolled less than full time for all three quarters (fall, winter, and spring) may have limited eligibility. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) threshold may also impact eligibility.

Important Reminders

Students who wish to apply for summer financial aid must complete the online application. It is available via Web4U beginning in late spring when summer registration begins.

Aid types available during summer quarter include Federal Direct Loan, Pell Grant, WA College Grant, College Bound Scholarship and WA Bridge Grant. 

Federal Direct Loans must be originated by the last day of the student's enrollment period. Loans not originated by the end of the enrollment period cannot be disbursed.

Students may also use some private scholarships for summer and may be eligible to use Private Educational Loans.  Borrowers must apply with the lender of their choosing.

Important Considerations

  • Pell Grant, WA College Grant, College Bound Scholarship or WA Bridge Grant alone are generally not enough to cover the full cost of attending summer courses.
  • Many students have already used their annual loan eligibility over fall, winter and spring quarter(s). If possible, students should reserve some of their annual federal loan eligibility for the summer.
  • Students can determine the amount of annual or aggregate loans borrowed and Pell Grant received by logging onto with their username and FSA Id and then selecting ‘View Details” from the My Aid section of their dashboard

In addition to the summer financial aid application, a current year’s FAFSA is also required to be eligible for summer financial aid. The FAFSA is available online. Students who have not already submitted their current year FAFSA must do so by June 30.

Additional information is available regarding summer term dates, course offerings, and tuition and fees on the WWU Summer Session website.