Withdrawing from WWU

Withdrawing and Re-enrollment Information

Students who choose to withdraw from Western for one or more quarters must provide official notification to the Registrar's Office and are advised to discuss their decision to withdraw with Admissions, Student Business Office, and Financial Aid. Financial aid recipients who withdraw from the university will have their financial aid suspended and may need to repay some or all of the aid they received. Students who "unofficially" withdraw (fail to successfully complete any credits by receiving a combination of the following grades for a given quarter: F, IP, Z, U, NP, W, X, K) may also need to repay all or a portion of their aid for that term.

If you are planning to withdraw from all of your classes and have made arrangements to receive financial aid, please provide official notification to the Registrar's Office of your intent to withdraw as soon as possible (even prior to totally withdrawing). Your notification will initiate steps necessary in bringing closure to any outstanding financial aid issues for the quarter and help you resolve any aid eligibility concerns for future quarters.

Withdrawing prior to the start of any given quarter will require repayment of all aid disbursed for that quarter. Failure to establish academic attendance in a course or courses will also result in aid cancellation.

See the University Catalog at the Registrar's Office site for additional information on withdrawing from the University.

Withdrawing on or Before the 60% Point of the Quarter

If you withdraw from all of your classes during the first 60% of any given quarter, your eligibility for federal, state, and institutional aid will be recalculated in accordance with federal, state, and institutional requirements. Withdrawal dates are determined on a case by case basis and may be the earliest of:

  • the date you began the withdrawal process
  • the date related to the circumstance leading to your withdrawal
  • your actual withdrawal date
  • the date that you began an official leave of absence signed by a University representative
  • Your last date of documented academic attendance (LDA)

Your last date of attendance (LDA) is used to determine whether you owe a repayment of aid or if you are eligible for a post-withdrawal aid disbursement. See the Financial Aid Repayment Policy for details.

When students withdraw after rescinding a previous official notification of withdrawal, their original withdrawal date will be used. Applicants who withdraw from Western must also provide requested FAFSA verification documentation no later than 30 days after the date that it is determined that the student has withdrawn or forfeit their ability to receive any aid they otherwise may be eligible to receive.

Dean’s Withdrawals (full or partial)

The purpose of the Dean’s Withdrawal is to assist a student who is unable to complete the quarter or a class due to compelling circumstances beyond their control or due to a significant hardship (such as incapacitating illness or injury).

Any refund of tuition or other charges from a Dean’s Withdrawal will be based on your last documented date of academic attendance as documented by the Office of Student Life. Any return of financial aid funds will also be based this date.

If you pursue a Dean’s Withdrawal through the Office of Student Life rather than withdrawing through the Registrar, you are strongly encouraged to discuss the impact of your Dean’s Withdrawal with Financial Aid.

For more information on the Dean’s Withdrawal process, please visit the Office of Student Life website.