Veterans & Service Members

Welcome Service Members

Thank you for your service! We are delighted you are considering, or have chosen to attend, Western Washington University. Veterans, family members of veterans, active duty, reserve, and national guard service members are welcome here. This resource page offers important information about Western and referrals to services you may find helpful.

Using VA Educational Benefits

Western’s Veteran Services Office provides comprehensive services to veterans, service members and their dependents as they pursue their education at WWU. Visit the friendly and welcoming Veteran Services staff, many who are veterans themselves, for more information about VA educational benefits.

Resources to Assist You

Veteran Services Office

The Veteran Services Office is located in Viking Commons 525 (see Campus Map) and they can be reached by phone at 360.650.3324. Nick Sanchez, Manuel York and Tyler Reed are available to assist and ensure a smooth transition to Western.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

VA education benefits help Veterans, service members, and their qualified family members with needs like paying college tuition, finding the right school or training program, and getting career counseling.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Get help to make informed financial decisions about how to pay for college.

If you think you may need student loans to help pay the cost of higher education, this publication offers information on student loans. It also offers you alternatives to consider before borrowing.

WWU Scholarship Center

Winning scholarships is a great way to help pay for college. Scholarships provide money to pay for tuition, books, living expenses, and other costs of attending college. You need to do some work, though, to apply for scholarships. Spending the time it takes to find scholarships you can apply to will pay off if you get one, two, or more scholarships. Our Scholarship Center can help you with that search.

WWU Student Employment Center

It pays to work! If you work part time 10 hours per week for 30 weeks in the academic year earning $14.49 per hour, you will earn $4,347. Effective January 1, 2022, the minimum wage is $14.49 per hour. Working full time during the summer could bring you an estimated, additional $6,500 - $7,500. For more information regarding on or off campus employment opportunities, visit the WWU Student Employment Center.